Upcoming Events

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When & Where: March 31 - 8pm @ The Bluffton Cigar Bar

Our Story

Peaceful Henry's is more than a cigar store, it's a PASSION! Under the ownership of Burt and Eilene Sky, vision becomes reality. A store that celebrates what makes life rich and bold. Peaceful Henry's boasts the finest quality products the cigar industry has to offer. 

With a fresh aroma, bright space Peaceful Henry's has opened the Bluffton Cigar Bar. The Bluffton Cigar Bar is a celebration of Burt and Eilene's love for music, cigars and live entertainment – in a welcoming atmosphere for all to enjoy. 

The details make the difference, when visiting the Lowcountry. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor. 

Thank you for your support. – Burt & Eilene

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© Peaceful Henry/Website by Hazel Digital Media