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Look Below and see all the great events coming to Peaceful Henry's. We now offer the Peaceful Henry Tent so we can come to you & whatever event you may be having.

Cigar Boss Message

To all our friends who love Karaoke at the cigar bar:

BMI a music licensing company sees fit to charge an annual license fee for live entertainment. They also charge Additional fees beyond my high cost license fee when there is Karaoke. Why this should be called out as a special area I do not know.
This organization sees justified in making sure that I pay large fees for our privilege and right to listen to publicly available music and acts like a parasite to seek out incremental fees. Many venues in the greater Bluffton area do not pay this fee but we at the cigar bar do.

I am sorry to let you know the Bluffton Cigar Bar will no longer be able to have Karaoke at our Cigar Bar.

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