Hookah is a water-pipe smoking device used in many Middle Eastern cultures and is now avaiable at Peaceful Henry's. We carry two brands of water-pipes, both Sahara and Mya along with different flavored tobacco and accessories. Stop in to see the designed pipes we have in stock. From singles to groups we have everything needed to get started in smoking Hookah. Listed Below are just a couple of items avaiable.

Sahara Smoke 32"

Swirls of lavender flowing up the translucent vase of this hookah sets the mood for a luxurious and relaxing time.

Up to Four People
32" Hookah

Sahara Smoke 15"

Free flowing contours of glossy black and pastel white across this Sahara vase give this personalized made-for-you hookah a pleasurable yet elegant appeal.

Single / Two people
15" Hookah

MYA 14"

The Mya QT comes with a number of hookah accessories including: Green Glass Base, Chrome Stem, Tobacco Burner, Leather Hose, Chrome Plate and Tongs. When it comes to classic hookahs, the Mya QT shows style and charm.

Single / Two people
14" Hookah

MYA 24"

Includes all parts as seen in image. Hookah bowl, tray, stem, glass base and black hose.

Single / Two people
24" Hookah


We carry StarBuzz and other tobacco's. Come and see the selection of tobacco, coals and other items avaiable at Peaceful Henry's.

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